issue (n.) Old form(s): yssue
outcome, result, consequence(s)
1H4 I.i.61[Westmorland to King Henry, of a messenger bringing news] he that brought them ... did take horse, / Uncertain of the issue any way
1H4 II.iv.90[Poins to Prince Hal, of the consequence of the jest played on Francis] Come, what's the issue?
AC I.ii.94[Messenger to Antony, of Caesar] Whose better issue in the war from Italy
AW II.i.106[Helena to King, of one of her father's prescriptions] the dearest issue of his practice
Cym V.v.458[Soothsayer to Cymbeline, of the coming together of Cymbeline and his lost sons] whose issue / Promises Britain peace and plenty
H5 V.ii.12[Queen Isabel to King Henry] happy be the issue ... / Of this good day
H8 I.i.87.1[Buckingham to Norfolk and Abergavenny, of Wolsey's actions] What did this vanity / But minister communication of / A most poor issue?
H8 I.ii.90[King Henry to all] Things done without example, in their issue / Are to be feared
Ham I.iv.89[Horatio to Marcellus] To what issue will this come?
Ham V.ii.72[Horatio to Hamlet, of Claudius] It must be shortly known to him from England / What is the issue of the business there
KJ I.i.38[Queen Eleanor to King John, of the enmity between England and France] the manage of two kingdoms must / With fearful bloody issue arbitrate
KJ III.iv.21[Constance to King Philip] now see the issue of your peace!
KL I.i.16[Kent to Gloucester, of Edmund's conception] the issue of it being so proper
KL I.iv.3[Kent alone] my good intent / May carry through itself to that full issue / For which I razed my likeness
MA II.ii.27[Borachio to Don John] Look you for any other issue?
MA II.ii.46[Don John to Borachio, of the plan] Grow this to what adverse issue it can
MA III.ii.118[Don John to Claudio and Don Pedro] bear it coldly but till midnight, and let the issue show itself
MA V.iii.32[Claudio to Don Pedro] Hymen now with luckier issue speed's
Mac V.iv.20[Seyward to all] certain issue strokes must arbitrate
MV III.ii.60[Portia to Bassanio, of the Trojan wives] With bleared visages come forth to view / The issue of th'exploit
MW III.i.100[Host to Caius and Evans] let burnt sack be the issue
MW III.iii.163[Page to Caius and Evans, of Ford] See the issue of his search
MW IV.ii.185[Ford to his companions] See but the issue of my jealousy
Oth I.iii.358[Roderigo to Iago] Wilt thou be fast to my hopes, if I depend on the issue?
Oth II.iii.356[Roderigo to Iago] I think the issue will be, I shall have so much experience for my pains
Oth III.iii.217[Iago to Othello] I am to pray you, not to strain my speech / To grosser issues
R2 II.iii.151[York to Northumberland] I see the issue of these arms
R3 III.vii.53[Richard to Buckingham, of his proposal] No doubt we'll bring it to a happy issue
RJ IV.i.65[Juliet to Friar, of her intention to kill herself] Which the commission of thy years and art / Could to no issue of true honour bring
TC II.ii.90[Troilus to all] why do you now / The issue of your proper wisdoms rate
TC IV.v.148[Hector to Aeneas] The issue is embracement
TNK I.iii.63[Emilia to Hippolyta] elements / That ... effect / Rare issues by their operance
WT I.ii.188[Leontes to himself, of the role he is playing] whose issue / Will hiss me to my grave
WT I.ii.259[Camillo to Leontes] if ever fearful / To do a thing where I the issue doubted
WT II.ii.45[Emilia to Paulina, of the plan to take the baby to Leontes] your free undertaking cannot miss / A thriving issue
WT II.iii.152[Lord to Leontes, of killing the baby] this purpose, / Which ... must / Lead on to some foul issue
WT III.i.22[Dion to Cleomenes] gracious be the issue
WT V.ii.8[Autolycus to First Gentleman, of the events in court] I would most gladly know the issue of it
WT V.iii.128.1[Hermione to Perdita] I ... have preserved / Myself to see the issue