taint (v.)
sully, infect, stain
1H6 IV.v.46[Talbot to John Talbot, of their fleeing] My age was never tainted with such shame
CE III.ii.13[Luciana to Antipholus of Syracuse] Bear a fair presence, though your heart be tainted
Cor IV.vii.38[Aufidius to Lieutenant] pride, / Which out of daily fortune ever taints / The happy man
Cym I.v.133[Iachimo to Posthumus] If you buy ladies' flesh at a million a dram, you cannot preserve it from tainting
E3 II.i.439[Warwick to Countess] The freshest summer's day doth soonest taint / The loathed carrion that it seems to kiss
H8 III.ii.332.1[Surrey to Wolsey, of Wolsey's further faults] Which ... / I will not taint my mouth with
Ham I.v.85[Ghost to Hamlet] Taint not thy mind ... / Against thy mother aught
TC III.iii.232[Patroclus to Achilles] danger ... subtly taints / Even then when we sit idly in the sun [i.e. by making things go rotten]
TNK V.iii.9[Emilia to Pirithous] not taint mine eye / With dread sights it may shun

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