tapster (n.)
inn waiter, drawer of ale
2H4 I.ii.172[Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice] pregnancy is made a tapster, and his quick wit wasted in giving reckonings
AYL III.iv.28[Celia to Rosalind] the oath of lover is no stronger than the word of a tapster
LLL I.ii.41[Armado to Mote, of reckoning] It fitteth the spirit of a tapster
MM I.ii.108[Pompey to Mistress Quickly] I'll be your tapster still
MM II.i.188[Pompey to Escalus, of his trade] A tapster, a poor widow's tapster
MM II.i.61[Elbow to Angelo, of Pompey] A tapster
MW I.iii.15[Falstaff to Bardolph] A tapster is a good trade
TC I.ii.114[Cressida to Pandarus, of counting the hairs on Troilus' chin] a tapster's arithmetic may soon bring his particulars therein to a total
Tim IV.iii.216[Apemantus to Timon] Thou gavest thine ears, like tapsters that bade welcome
Ven.849[of insects] Like shrill-tongued tapsters answering every call