tell (v.) Old form(s): tel , tels
count out, number, itemize
2H4 I.ii.170[Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice] in some respects, I grant, I cannot go - I cannot tell [also: say]
3H6 II.i.163[Richard to Warwick] shall we on the helmets of our foes / Tell our devotion with revengeful arms?
E3 II.i.136[King Edward to Lodowick, of the Countess] Hers more to praise than tell the sea by drops
E3 IV.iv.57[Prince Edward to Audley] He that hath far to go tells it by miles: / If he should tell by steps, it kills his heart
H8 I.ii.43.1[Wolsey to King Henry] I ... front but in that file / Where others tell steps with me
H8 II.i.91[Buckingham to Lovell, of King Henry] May he live / Longer than I have time to tell his years
Ham I.ii.238[Horatio to Hamlet, estimating the time the Ghost stayed] While one with moderate haste might tell a hundred
KL I.i.208[Lear to Burgundy, of Cordelia] I tell you all her wealth [or: reveal]
KL II.iv.53[Fool to Lear] thou shalt have as many dolours for thy daughters as thou canst tell in a year [also: talk about]
KL III.ii.91[Fool alone] When usurers tell their gold i'the field
LLL I.ii.39[Mote to Armado] How many is one thrice told?
MND V.i.353[Theseus to all] The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve
Oth II.ii.10[Herald reading] there is full liberty of feasting ... till the bell have told eleven
PP.1.12[] age in love loves not to have years told
R3 I.iv.120[Second Murderer to First Murderer, of his mood] It was wont to hold me but while one tells twenty
Sonn.138.12[] And age in love, loves not t'have years told
TC II.i.47[Thersites to Ajax] I will begin at thy heel, and tell what thou art by inches
Tem II.i.17[Sebastian to Antonio, of counting aloud a striking clock] One: tell
Tim III.v.108[Alcibiades alone, of the Senators] they have told their money
TNK II.i.96[Arcite to Palamon] Hear nothing but the clock that tells our woes
TNK III.v.80[Gaoler's Daughter to Schoolmaster] Tell ten
TNK V.iv.56[Pirithous to Palamon, of the paving stones] the calkins / Did rather tell than trample [i.e. the horse trod lightly, as if it were counting the stones]
TNK V.iv.92[Arcite to Palamon] I have told my last hour
Ven.277[of Adonis' horse] Sometime he trots, as if he told the steps, / With gentle majesty
Ven.520[Venus to Adonis, of a thousand kisses] Are they not quickly told and quickly gone?
WT IV.iv.186[Servant to Shepherd, of Autolycus] He sings several tunes faster than you'll tell money