throughly (adv.) Old form(s): throughlie
thoroughly, fully, completely
Cym II.iv.12[Philario to Posthumus] Caius Lucius / Will do's commission throughly
Cym III.vii.9.2[Guiderius to all] I am throughly weary
E3 III.ii.23[First Citizen to First Frenchman, of one who puts on his cloak only when the rain starts] [may] Be throughly washed when he suspects it not
H8 V.i.110[Cranmer to King Henry] I ... am right glad to catch this good occasion / Most throughly to be winnowed
Ham IV.v.138.1[Laertes to Claudius] I'll be revenged / Most throughly for my father
MA IV.i.198.1[Leonato to Benedick, of those who have harmed Hero] Ability in means and choice of friends / To quit me of them throughly
MM V.i.258[Escalus to Duke, of carrying out his orders] My lord, we'll do it throughly
MV IV.i.170[Portia as Balthasar to Duke] I am informed throughly of the cause
MW I.iv.89[Mistress Quickly aside to Simple, of Caius] If he had been throughly moved, you should have heard him so loud
Tem III.iii.15.1[Sebastian aside to Antonio] The next advantage / Will we take throughly
TG I.ii.115[Julia alone, of Proteus' name] my bosom ... / Shall lodge thee till thy wound be throughly healed
TS IV.iv.11[Tranio as Lucentio to Biondello, of accepting the Pedant as Vincentio] Now do your duty throughly
WT II.i.99[Hermione to Leontes] You scarce can right me throughly then to say / You did mistake

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