threat (v.) Old form(s): threates , thret
2H6 I.iv.47[Duchess to York] Injurious duke, that threatest where's no cause
AC III.v.17[Eros to Enobarbus, of Antony] He ... threats the throat of that his officer / That murdered Pompey [i.e. threatens the life]
Cym IV.ii.127[Guiderius to Belarius and Arviragus, of Cloten] why should we be tender, / To let an arrogant piece of flesh threat us
JC V.i.38[Brutus to Antony] you ... very wisely threat before you sting
KL IV.ii.57[Gonerill to Albany] France ... / With plumed helm thy state begins to threat
Luc.508[of a falcon] Whose crooked beak threats
Luc.547[] when a black-faced cloud the world doth threat
R2 III.iii.90[King Richard to his opponents, of God's armies] they shall strike / Your children yet unborn and unbegot, / That ... threat the glory of my precious crown
R3 I.iii.112[Richard to Queen Elizabeth] Threat you me with telling of the King?
R3 V.iii.206[King Richard to himself, of the souls of his victims] every one did threat / Tomorrow's vengeance on the head of Richard
Tim IV.ii.21[Third Servant to Flavius] we ... stand on the dying deck, / Hearing the surges threat
Tit II.i.40[Demetrius to Chiron] Are you so desperate grown to threat your friends?
Tit III.i.271[Titus to Marcus, of his sons' heads] do seem to speak to me, / And threat me I shall never come to bliss
Tit IV.iv.67[Aemilius to Saturninus, of Lucius] Who threats in course of this revenge to do / As much as ever Coriolanus did
TNK I.ii.90[Valerius to Palamon and Arcite, of Theseus] who where he threats appals
TNK V.iii.4[Emilia to Pirithous] Every blow that falls / Threats a brave life
Ven.620[Venus to Adonis, of a boar] he hath a battle set / Of bristly pikes that ever threat his foes

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