temper (n.)
frame of mind, temperament, disposition
1H4 III.i.164[Mortimer to Hotspur, of Glendower] He holds your temper in a high respect
2H4 II.i.79[Lord Chief Justice to Falstaff] What man of good temper would endure this tempest of exclamation?
2H4 IV.iv.36[King Henry IV to Clarence, of Prince Henry] His temper ... must be well observed
2H4 V.ii.15[Warwick to Lord Chief Justice, of Prince John, Clarence, and Gloucester] O that the living Harry had the temper / Of he, the worst of these three gentlemen!
Cor V.ii.90[Aufidius to Coriolanus] You keep a constant temper
Cym II.iii.4[First Lord to Cloten] the noble temper of your lordship
H5 V.ii.146[King Henry to Katherine] If thou canst love a fellow of this temper
JC I.ii.129[Cassius to Brutus] it doth amaze me / A man of such a feeble temper should / So get the start of the majestic world
JC III.i.175[Brutus to Antony] our hearts / Of brothers' temper, do receive you in / With all kind love
KJ V.ii.40[Lewis the Dauphin to Salisbury, of his wish for peace] A noble temper dost thou show in this
MV I.ii.18[Portia to Nerissa] a hot temper leaps o'er a cold decree
RJ III.i.115[Romeo alone, of Juliet] Thy beauty hath ... in my temper softened valour's steel!
TC I.iii.57[Ulysses to and of Agamemnon] In whom the tempers and the minds of all / Should be shut up
Tim III.iv.72[Servilius to Servants, of Timon] His comfortable temper has forsook him
TNK III.i.66[Palamon to Arcite] their valiant temper / Men lose when they incline to treachery
TNK IV.ii.28[Emilia alone, of Palamon] He's ... a still temper

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