tall (adj.)
brave, valiant, bold
1H4 I.iii.61[Hotspur to King Henry] many a good tall fellow had destroyed
2H4 III.ii.60[Bardolph to Shallow, of Falstaff] a tall gentleman
2H4 V.i.52[Shallow to Page] welcome, my tall fellow [also, ironically: tall in height]
AC II.vi.7[Caesar to Pompey] carry back to Sicily much tall youth / That else must perish here
H5 II.i.65[Pistol to Nym] Thy spirits are most tall
MW I.iv.24[Simple to Mistress Quickly, of Slender] he is as tall a man of his hands as any is between this and his head [i.e. as brave with his hands as any you will find around here]
MW II.i.210[Shallow to all] I would have made you four tall fellows skip like rats
MW II.ii.11[Falstaff to Pistol, of Pistol and Nym] I am damned in hell for swearing to gentlemen ... you were good soldiers and tall fellows
R3 I.iv.154[Second Murderer to First Murderer] Spoke like a tall man that respects thy reputation
RJ II.iv.30[Mercutio to Benvolio, quoting 'new tuners of accent'] a very tall man!
TN I.iii.18[Sir Toby to Maria, of Sir Andrew] He's as tall a man as any's in Illyria
TNK IV.i.82[Wooer to all] Palamon was a tall young man
WT V.ii.160[Clown to Autolycus] thou art a tall fellow of thy hands [i.e. in a fight]

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