tonight (adv.) Old form(s): to night
last night, this past night
1H6 II.i.61[Charles to Alen??on] being captain of the watch tonight
2H6 III.ii.31[Cardinal to all, of Gloucester] I did dream tonight / The Duke was dumb
Cym II.i.33[First Lord to Cloten] Did you hear of a stranger that's come to court to-night?
E3 I.ii.126[King Edward to Countess] I dreamed tonight of treason
JC II.ii.76[Caesar to Decius, of Calphurnia] She dreamt tonight she saw my statue
JC III.iii.1[Cinna to himself] I dreamt tonight that I did feast with Caesar
KJ IV.ii.165[Bastard to King John, of Arthur] whom they say is killed tonight
KJ IV.ii.85[King John to Salisbury and Pembroke, of Hubert] He tells us Arthur is deceased tonight
MA III.v.29[Verges to Leonato] our watch tonight ... ha' ta'en a couple of as arrant knaves as any in Messina
MV II.v.18[Shylock to Jessica] I did dream of money bags tonight
MW III.iii.151[Ford to his companions] I have dreamed tonight
Per III.ii.75[Cerimon to Second Gentleman, of the time of Thaisa's death] This chanced tonight
RJ I.iv.50.1[Romeo to Mercutio] I dreamt a dream tonight
RJ II.iv.2[Mercutio to Benvolio, of Romeo] Came he not home tonight?