touch (v.) Old form(s): touch'd , toucht
affect, concern, regard, relate to
1H6 III.i.58[Somerset to Warwick, of Winchester's right to argue] Yes, when his holy state is touched so near
1H6 IV.i.118[Somerset to King, of himself and Richard] The quarrel toucheth none but us alone
3H6 II.i.118[Warwick to Edward and Richard] our late decree ... / Touching King Henry's oath
3H6 III.iii.136[Lewis to Warwick, of Edward's marriage to Bona] forthwith shall articles be drawn / Touching the jointure
Cor I.i.149[Menenius to Citizens] digest things rightly / Touching the weal o'th' common
H5 I.i.79[Canterbury to Ely] causes now in hand ... / As touching France
H5 II.ii.174[King Henry to traitors] Touching our person seek we no revenge
KJ I.i.101[Robert Faulconbridge to King John, of his father in Germany] To treat of high affairs touching that time
KL V.i.25[Albany to Edmund, of the war] It touches us as France invades our land
LLL I.i.187[Costard to King, of Armado's letter] the contempts thereof are as touching me
LLL IV.i.122[Rosaline to Boyet] Shall I come upon thee with an old saying ... as touching the hit it?
Oth II.i.32[Third Gentleman to all, of Cassio] though he speak of comfort / Touching the Turkish loss, yet he looks sadly
R3 I.iii.261[Dorset to Richard, of Queen Margaret's advice] It touches you ... as much as me
TC II.ii.127[Troilus to Hector] For my private part, / I am no more touched than all Priam's sons
TG III.i.60[Duke to Valentine] I am to break with thee of some affairs / That touch me near
Tim II.ii.233[Timon to Flavius, of Ventidius] Bid him suppose some good necessity / Touches his friend
TS I.i.114[Hortensio to Gremio, of their rivalry for Bianca] upon advice, it toucheth us both ... to labour and effect one thing specially
WT II.i.176[Leontes to Antigonus, of Hermione and Polixenes] their familiarity - / Which was as gross as ever touched conjecture / That lacked sight only