timeless (adj.) Old form(s): timeles , timelesse
untimely, premature, ill-timed
1H6 V.iv.5[Shepherd to Pucelle] Must I behold thy timeless cruel death?
2H6 III.ii.187[Queen to Warwick, of Suffolk and the Cardinal] Then you belike suspect these noblemen / As guilty of Duke Humphrey's timeless death
3H6 V.vi.42[King to Richard] orphans for their parents' timeless death - / Shall rue the hour that ever thou wast born
R2 IV.i.5[Bolingbroke to Bagot, of Gloucester's death] who performed / The bloody office of his timeless end
R3 I.ii.117[Richard to Anne, of Henry and Edward] the causer of the timeless deaths
RJ V.iii.162[Juliet to herself, of Romeo] Poison, I see, hath been his timeless end
TG III.i.21[Proteus to Duke] A pack of sorrows which would press you down ... to your timeless grave
Tit II.iii.265[Tamora to Saturninus] I bring this fatal writ, / The complot of this timeless tragedy