tempt (v.)
try, test, make trial of
AC I.iii.11[Charmian to Cleopatra, of Antony] Tempt him not so too far
H8 I.ii.55[Queen Katherine to King Henry] I am much too venturous / In tempting of your patience
JC I.iii.53[Casca to Cassius] wherefore did you so much tempt the heavens?
JC II.i.266[Portia to and of Brutus] tempt the rheumy and unpurged air, / To add unto his sickness
JC IV.iii.36[Cassius to Brutus] tempt me no further
JC IV.iii.59[Brutus to Cassius, of Caesar] You durst not so have tempted him
KJ IV.iii.84[Hubert to Salisbury] I would not have you ... tempt the danger of my true defence
TC IV.iv.95[Troilus to Cressida] sometimes ... we will tempt the frailty of our powers, / Presuming on their changeful potency
TN III.iv.340[Antonio to Viola as Cesario] Do not tempt my misery
WT II.ii.50[Emilia to Paulina, of Hermione asking someone for help] durst not tempt a minister of honour / Lest she should be denied
WT V.i.73.1[Cleomenes to Paulina, of Leontes] You tempt him overmuch