time (n.)
right moment, favourable opportunity
3H6 I.iv.108[Queen to her followers, of York] whilst we breathe, take time to do him dead
3H6 V.i.48[Richard to Warwick] take the time
AC II.vi.23.2[Caesar to Pompey] Take your time
CE II.i.8[Luciana to Adriana, of men] when they see time / They'll go or come [i.e. when they see fit]
LLL V.ii.63[Rosaline to Princess, of Berowne] I would make him ... wait the season, and observe the times
Tem II.i.140[Gonzalo to Sebastian] The truth you speak doth lack some gentleness, / And time to speak it in
Tem II.i.307[Ariel singing to sleeping Gonzago] Open-eyed conspiracy / His time doth take
Tim II.ii.196[Timon to Servants, of the Lords] my occasions have found time to use 'em toward a supply of money
Tim III.i.36[Lucullus to and of Flaminius] one that ... canst use the time well, if the time use thee well
Tim III.ii.46[Lucius to Servilius] What a wicked beast was I to disfurnish myself against such a good time