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trim (adj.)
fine, excellent, smart
1H4 V.i.135[Falstaff alone, of the word ‘honour’ being air] A trim reckoning!
Cor I.ix.61[Cominius to all, of Martius] My noble steed ... I give him, / With all his trim belonging [unclear reading]
H8 I.iii.38.1[Lord Chamberlain to Lovell, of French-influenced Englishmen] What a loss our ladies / Will have of these trim vanities!
H8 V.iv.70[Lord Chamberlain to Porter and Man] There's a trim rabble let in
LLL V.ii.363[Princess to King, of the Russian visitors] Trim gallants, full of courtship and of state
MND III.ii.157[Helena to Lysander and Demetrius] A trim exploit, a manly enterprise
TC IV.v.33.2[Menelaus to Patroclus, of the latter kissing Cressida] O, this is trim!
Tit V.i.96[Aaron to Lucius, of Demetrius' and Chiron's acts against Lavinia] 'twas / Trim sport for them which had the doing of it [pun: 93]
Ven.1079[] The flowers are sweet, their colours fresh and trim