spurn (v.) Old form(s): Spurne , spurnes
reject, scorn, despise, treat with contempt
Cor V.iii.165[Volumnia to Coriolanus] spurn me back
Cym V.v.294[Guiderius to Cymbeline, of Cloten] he did provoke me / With language that would make me spurn the sea, / If it could so roar to me
KJ III.i.142[Cardinal Pandulph to King John, demanding for the Pope] Why thou against the church, our holy mother, / So wilfully dost spurn
KL V.iii.143[Edmund to disguised Edgar] I disdain and spurn
Mac III.v.30[Hecat to Witches, of Macbeth] He shall spurn fate
R3 I.iv.201[Clarence to Murderers, of God] Will you ... / Spurn at His edict, and fulfil a man's?
TG IV.ii.14[Proteus alone, of Silvia] the more she spurns my love / The more it grows and fawneth on her still
TNK I.i.182[First Queen to Theseus] able / To make Mars spurn his drum