stranger (n.)
foreigner, alien, outsider
2H6 I.iii.77[Queen to Suffolk, of the Duchess of Gloucester] Strangers in court do take her for the queen
AW IV.i.14[First Lord to all, of Parolles] He must think us some band of strangers i'th' adversary's entertainment
CE IV.ii.9[Luciana to Adriana, of Antipholus of Syracuse] Then swore he that he was a stranger here
Cym I.vii.59[Iachimo to Innogen, of Posthumus in Italy] none a stranger there, / So merry and so gamesome
Cym II.i.32[First Lord to Cloten] Did you hear of a stranger that's come to court to-night?
H8 I.iv.53.2[Servant to Lord Chamberlain, of people outside] A noble troop of strangers
H8 II.ii.100[Campeius to King Henry] Your grace must needs deserve all strangers' loves, / You are so noble
H8 II.iii.17.1[Old Lady to Anne, of Queen Katherine] She's a stranger now again
H8 II.iv.15[Queen Katherine to King Henry] I am a most poor woman, and a stranger, / Born out of your dominions
KJ V.ii.27[Salisbury to Lewis the Dauphin, of the French] we step after a stranger
MND I.i.219[Hermia to Helena, of herself and Lysander] from Athens turn away our eyes / To seek new friends and stranger companies [i.e. the company of strangers]
MV III.ii.237[Gratiano to Nerissa, of Jessica] cheer yond stranger; bid her welcome
MV III.iii.27[Antonio to Solanio] the commodity that strangers have / With us in Venice [i.e. from doing business with us]
Oth I.i.137[Roderigo to Brabantio, of Othello] an extravagant and wheeling stranger / Of here and everywhere
TNK I.ii.41[Arcite to Palamon, of living in Thebes] where not to be even jump / As they are, here were to be strangers