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aspect (n.)
[astrology] influential phase, direction of alignment
AYL IV.iii.54[Rosalind as Ganymede reading Phebe's letter to Ganymede] in me what strange effect / Would they [your eyes] work in mild aspect? [also: sense 1]
CE II.ii.32[Antipholus of Syracuse to Dromio of Syracuse] If you will jest with me, know my aspect [also: sense 1]
KL II.ii.104[disguised Kent to Cornwall] Under th'allowance of your great aspect [also: sense 1]
Sonn.26.10[of a guiding star] Points on me graciously with fair aspect
TC I.iii.92[Ulysses to all, of the sun] whose med'cinable eye / Corrects the ill aspects of planets evil
WT II.i.107[Hermione to all] I must be patient till the heavens look / With an aspect more favourable

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