store (n.)
abundance, plenty, surplus, quantity
2H6 III.i.169[Gloucester to his enemies] I shall not want ... store of treasons to augment my guilt
3H6 II.v.57[Son to himself] This man ... / May be possessed with some store of crowns
CE III.i.34[Dromio of Syracuse to Dromio of Ephesus] Dost thou conjure for wenches, that thou callest for such store
Cor I.ix.32[Cominius to Martius, of the captured horses] Whereof we have ta'en good and good store [i.e. of good quality and number]
Cym I.v.94[Posthumus to Iachimo] I do nothing doubt you have store of thieves
JC IV.i.30[Antony to Octavius, of his horse] I do appoint him store of provender
KL[Lear to all, of Regan] whose warped looks proclaim / What store her heart is made on [or: material]
Luc.1837[Brutus to Collatine, of Lucrece] By heaven's fair sun that breeds the fat earth's store ... / We will revenge the death of this true wife
Luc.97[of Tarquin] poorly rich so wanteth in his store / That cloyed with much he pineth still for more
Sonn.64.8[of shore and sea] Increasing store with loss, and loss with store
TNK I.iii.6.1[Hippolyta to Pirithous] Store never hurts good governors [i.e. those who can control it]
TS III.ii.185[Petruchio to all] I know you ... have prepared great store of wedding cheer