troth, good troth (n.)
exclamations, emphasizing an assertion - truly, indeed
Cor I.iii.59[Valeria to Virgilia, of her son] O' my troth, I looked upon him o'Wednesday
Cor II.i.132[Valeria to all, of Coriolanus] In troth, there's wondrous things spoke of him
Cym III.vii.20[Innogen to all] good troth, I have stolen nought
H8 II.iii.33.2[Anne to Old Lady] Nay, good troth
LLL IV.i.143[Costard alone] O'my troth, most sweet jests, most incony vulgar wit
LLL V.ii.450[Kng to Princess, of Rosaline] By my life, my troth, I never swore this lady such an oath
MA II.i.195[Benedick to Don Pedro] Troth, my lord, I have played the part of Lady Fame
MA III.iv.6[Margaret to Hero] Troth, I think your other rebato were better
MA V.iv.77.2[Benedick to Beatrice, of loving her] Troth no, no more than reason
MM II.i.207[Escalus to Pompey] Troth, and your bum is the greatest thing about you
MM III.ii.53[Pompey to Lucio, of his mistress] Troth, sir, she hath eaten up all her beef
MND II.ii.135[Helena to Lysander] Good troth, you do me wrong – good sooth, you do
MW I.iv.139[Mistress Quickly to Fenton] Troth, sir, all is in His hands above
MW II.ii.166[Ford as Brook to Falstaff] Troth, and I have a bag of money here troubles me
Oth IV.iii.69[Desdemona to Emilia] In troth, I think thou wouldst not
TC III.i.111[Pandarus to all] In good troth, it begins so
Tem II.ii.33[Trinculo to himself, of Caliban] Warm, o' my troth!
TN III.i.22[Feste to Viola as Cesario, of reasons] Troth, sir, I can yield you none without words