admiration (n.)
amazement, astonishment, wonder
Cym I.v.4[Iachimo to all, of Posthumus] I could ... have looked on him without the help of admiration
Cym I.vii.38.2[Innogen to Iachimo] What makes your admiration?
Cym IV.ii.232[Guiderius to Arviragus] Let us ... not protract with admiration what / Is now due debt
H5 II.ii.108[King Henry to all, of treason and murder] Working so grossly in a natural cause / That admiration did not whoop at them
H5 IV.i.66[Fluellen to Gower] It is the greatest admiration in the universal world, when the true and aunchient prerogatifes and laws of the wars is not kept
H8 V.v.42[Cranmer to all, of Elizabeth as a phoenix] Her ashes new-create another heir / As great in admiration as herself
Ham I.ii.192[Horatio to Hamlet, while telling him of the Ghost] Season your admiration for a while
Ham III.ii.334[Rosencrantz to Hamlet, of Gertrude] your behaviour hath struck her into amazement and admiration
KL I.iv.233[Gonerill to Lear] This admiration ... is much o'the savour / Of other your new pranks
Tem III.i.38[Ferdinand to Miranda] Admired Miranda! Indeed, the top of admiration
WT V.ii.11[First Gentleman to Autolycus] the changes I perceived in the King and Camillo were very notes of admiration [i.e. like exclamation marks]