turn (v.) Old form(s): turn'd, turne , turnes
change, transform, alter
1H6 III.iii.85[Pucelle to herself, of Burgundy's changing allegiance] turn and turn again
1H6 V.iv.59[Pucelle to all] Will nothing turn your unrelenting hearts?
2H6 II.i.175[Cardinal aside to Gloucester, of the Duchess' plotting] This news ... hath turned your weapon's edge [i.e. blunted]
2H6 IV.ii.5[Bevis to Holland] Jack Cade the clothier means to dress the commonwealth, and turn it, and set a new nap upon it [punning on 'turn material inside out, by way of repair']
LLL IV.iii.260[Berowne to King, of Rosaline's dark colouring] Her favour turns the fashion of the days
MA III.ii.119[Don Pedro to Claudio and Don John] O day untowardly turned!
MND III.ii.91[Oberon to Puck] Of thy misprision must perforce ensue / Some true love turned, and not a false turned true
MV III.ii.246[Portia to herself, of Antonio's letter to Bassanio] nothing in the world / Could turn so much the constitution / Of any constant man
TG II.ii.4[Julia to Proteus] If you turn not, you will return the sooner [i.e. be not faithless]