this, by
by this time
3H6 IV.iii.2[First Watchman to all] The King by this is set him down to sleep
3H6 V.i.3[First Messenger to Warwick, of Oxford's whereabouts] By this at Dunsmore
3H6 V.v.90[Edward to George, of Lady Grey] By this, I hope, she hath a son for me
AW V.iii.134[Gentleman to King, of Diana] who, by this, I know, / Is here attending
H8 III.ii.83.2[Cromwell to Wolsey, of King Henry being ready] I think by this he is
JC I.iii.125[Cassius to Casca, of fellow-conspirators] by this they stay for me / In Pompey's Porch
Luc.1079[] By this, lamenting Philomel had ended / The well-tuned warble of her nightly sorrow
MA III.ii.69[Claudio to Don Pedro] Hero and Margaret have by this played their parts with Beatrice
TC V.ii.186[Aeneas to Troilus] Hector by this is arming him in Troy
Tim V.iii.9[Soldier alone, of his captain] Before proud Athens he's set down by this
Tit III.i.109[Titus to Lavinia] Thy brothers are condemned, and dead by this
Ven.877[of Venus] By this she hears the hounds are at a bay
Ven.973[of Venus] By this, far off she hears some huntsman holloa