tax (v.) Old form(s): tax'd , taxe , taxt , taze
censure, blame, take to task, disparage
AW I.i.66[Countess to Bertram] Be checked for silence, / But never taxed for speech
AW V.iii.122[King to all] My fore-past proofs ... / Shall tax my fears of little vanity [i.e. shall blame me for thinking that my fears were really in vain]
AW V.iii.206[Bertram to King, of Parolles] With all the spots o'th' world taxed and debauched
AYL III.ii.337[Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando, of her uncle's views about women] offences as he hath generally taxed their whole sex withal
Ham I.iv.18[Hamlet to Horatio] This heavy-headed revel ... / Makes us traduced and taxed of other nations
Ham III.iii.29[Polonius to Claudius, of Gertrude and Hamlet] I'll warrant she'll tax him home
KL I.iv.340[Gonerill to Albany] You are much more a-taxed for want of wisdom / Than praised for harmful mildness [F at task for; Q alapt and other readings]
KL III.ii.16[Lear to the storm] I tax not you, you elements, with unkindness [F; Q taske]
MA I.i.42[Leonato to Beatrice] you tax Signor Benedick too much
MM II.iv.79[Angelo to Isabella] wisdom wishes to appear most bright / When it doth tax itself
TC I.iii.197[Ulysses to all, of Achilles and Ajax] They tax our policy, and call it cowardice

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