try (v.) Old form(s): tride, trie , tried, trye , vtmost
put to the test, test the goodness [of]
AC II.vii.124.2[Pompey to Antony] I'll try you on the shore [i.e. your hospitality, or: ability to drink further]
AC III.xii.26[Caesar to Thidias] To try thy eloquence now 'tis time
AW I.ii.72[King to Bertram, of a physician] If he were living I would try him yet
E3 II.i.274[Countess to King Edward] I know my sovereign ... / Doth but so try the wife of Salisbury
E3 IV.i.43[Salisbury alone, of Villiers] Thus once I mean to try a Frenchman's faith
H8 V.iii.146[King Henry to Councillors, of Cranmer] There's some of ye ... / Would try him to the utmost, had ye mean
Ham I.iii.62[Polonius to Laertes] Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, / Grapple them unto thy soul
Ham III.ii.218[First Player as King to his Queen] And who in want a hollow friend doth try
JC IV.iii.212[Brutus to Cassius] we have tried the utmost of our friends
KJ III.i.100[Constance to King Philip, of his false word] which, being touched and tried, / Proves valueless
MM II.iii.22[disguised Duke to Juliet] I'll teach you how you shall ... try your penitence
MW IV.ii.88[Mistress Ford to Mistress Page, of her husband's knowledge of Falstaff's previous escape] We'll try that
R2 I.i.184[Mowbray to King Richard] mine honour let me try
R2 II.ii.85[York to Queen Isabel, of Richard] Now shall he try his friends that flattered him
R2 IV.i.85[Aumerle to all, of Norfolk] If he may be repealed to try his honour
Sonn.110.11[] Mine appetite I never more will grind / On newer proof, to try an older friend
TG I.iii.21[Antonio to Panthino, of Proteus] he cannot be a perfect man, / Not being tried and tutored in the world
Tim II.ii.183[Timon to Flavius, of his friends] If I would broach the vessels of my love, / And try the argument of hearts, by borrowing
Tim II.ii.188[Timon to Flavius, of his wants] by these / Shall I try friends
Tim[Lucius to Lucullus, of Timon] I think this honourable lord did but try us this other day
TS II.i.217.2[Katherina to Petruchio, of his being a gentleman] That I'll try
WT IV.i.1[Time to audience] I that please some, try all

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