touch (v.) Old form(s): touch'd , toucht
affect, move, stir
AC II.ii.145[Caesar to Agrippa, of replying to Agrippa's proposal] Not till he hears how Antony is touched / With what is spoke already
AC V.i.33[Agrippa to all] Caesar is touched
AW I.iii.105[Steward to Countess, of Helena's words] she thought ... they touched not any stranger sense
Cor II.i.247[Sicinius to Brutus, of Coriolanus] At some time when his soaring insolence / Shall touch the people [F: teach] [or: vex]
H8 II.ii.52[Suffolk to Norfolk, of Wolsey] His curses and his blessings / Touch me alike
KL II.iv.271[Lear as if to the gods] touch me with noble anger
KL V.iii.230[Albany to all] This judgement of the heavens that makes us tremble / Touches us not with pity
MM II.ii.70.2[Lucio aside to Isabella, of Angelo] touch him; there's the vein
MM IV.ii.138[disguised Duke to Provost, of Barnardine being in prison] How seems he to be touched?
MV IV.i.25[Duke to Shylock] touched with human gentleness and love, / Forgive a moiety of the principal
Sonn.42.4[] A loss in love that touches me more nearly

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