use (v.) Old form(s): vs'd , vsde , vse
be accustomed, make a habit [of]
AC II.v.32[Cleopatra to Messenger] we use / To say the dead are well
AC III.vii.65[Soldier to Antony] we / Have used to conquer standing on the earth
AYL II.iii.23[Adam to Orlando, of Oliver] he means / To burn the lodging where you use to lie
Cor III.i.114[Coriolanus to Cominius] Whoever gave that counsel to give forth / The corn o'th' storehouse gratis, as 'twas used / Sometime in Greece
MW IV.ii.52[Mistress Ford to Falstaff, of the chimney] There they always use to discharge their birding pieces
RJ II.chorus.10[Chorus, of Romeo] he may not have access / To breathe such vows as lovers use to swear
RJ III.v.190[Capulet to Juliet] I do not use to jest
Sonn.145.7[] Chiding that tongue that ever sweet / Was used in giving gentle doom
TC II.i.47[Thersites to Ajax] If thou use to beat me, I will begin at thy heel, and tell what thou art by inches
TC III.iii.71[Patroclus to Achilles, of the lords] They were used to bend ... / To come as humbly as they use to creep / To holy altars
Tem II.i.178[Gonzalo to Alonso, of Antonio and Sebastian] they always use to laugh at nothing