undo (v.) Old form(s): undoe , vndid , vndo , vndoe , vndone, vndoo , vndo's
ruin, destroy, wipe out
2H6 IV.ii.76[Cade to all, of legal documents] parchment, being scribbled o'er, should undo a man
3H6 I.i.232[Queen to King] Thou hast undone thyself, thy son, and me
AC II.v.106.1[Cleopatra to Messenger, of his news] Lie they upon thy hand, / And be undone by 'em
AW III.ii.20[Countess reading Bertram's letter, of Helena] she hath ... undone me
AW IV.i.71[Parolles to First Soldier] I'll discover that which shall undo the Florentine
Cor I.i.62[Menenius to Citizens] Will you undo yourselves? [First Citizen] We cannot, sir, we are undone already
Cor IV.vi.109[Menenius to all] We are all undone
H5 V.ii.133[King Henry to Katherine] if you would put me to verses, or to dance for your sake, Kate, why, you undid me
H8 II.i.159[Second Gentleman to First Gentleman, of people informing King Henry about the Queen] [they have] possessed him with a scruple / That will undo her
H8 III.ii.210[Wolsey alone] This paper has undone me
LLL V.ii.425[Berowne to Princess] Seek not to undo us
MA II.ii.26[Borachio to Don John] Proof enough ... to undo Hero
MA V.iv.20[Benedick to Friar, of his marriage to Beatrice] To bind me, or undo me
Per IV.vi.147[Bawd to Pander and Boult, of Marina] She's born to undo us
Per IV.vi.4[Bawd to Pander and Boult, of Marina] She's able to freeze the god Priapus and undo a whole generation
R2 IV.i.202[Richard to all] mark me how I will undo myself [also: undress, by removing the crown]
Tim IV.ii.2[First Servant to Flavius] Are we undone, cast off, nothing remaining?
Tim IV.ii.38[Flavius alone] Poor honest lord, brought low by his own heart, / Undone by goodness!
Tim IV.iii.212[Apemantus to Timon] Be thou a flatterer now, and seek to thrive / By that which has undone thee
Tit II.i.62[Aaron to Demetrius and Chiron] This petty brabble will undo us all
TNK IV.ii.105[Pirithous to Theseus, of the hair of Palamon's knight] thick-twined like ivy tods, / Not to undo with thunder [i.e. it would protect against lightning, Jove's anger]
WT IV.iv.450[Shepherd to Florizel] You have undone a man of fourscore three
WT V.ii.56[Third Gentleman to all, of the meeting between Leontes and Polixenes] I never heard of such another encounter, which ... undoes description to do it [i.e. it beggars all description]

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