absolute (adj.)
perfect, complete, incomparable
AC I.ii.2[Charmian to Alexas] almost most absolute Alexas
AC III.vii.42[Enobarbus to Antony] you ... throw away / The absolute soldiership you have by land
Cor IV.v.139[Aufidius to Coriolanus] most absolute sir
Cym III.viii.10[First Senator to all, of Caesar and the conflict with Britain] to you the tribunes, / For this immediate levy, he commands / His absolute commission
H5 III.vii.24[Constable to Dauphin] it is a most absolute and excellent horse
Ham V.ii.107[Osrick to Hamlet, of Laertes] an absolute gentleman
Luc.853[Lucrece to herself] no perfection is so absolute / That some impurity doth not pollute
MM V.i.54[Isabella to Duke] the wicked'st caitiff ... / May seem as shy, as grave, as just, as absolute / As Angelo
MW III.iii.58[Falstaff to Mistress Ford] Thou wouldst make an absolute courtier
Per Chorus.IV.31[Gower alone] This Philoten contends in skill / With absolute Marina
TNK II.i.26[Gaoler to Gaoler's Daughter, of Palamon and Arcite] They are famed to be a pair of absolute men