abuse (v.) Old form(s): abus'd , abusde
deceive, mislead, fool, cheat
AC III.vi.86[Caesar to Octavia] You are abused / Beyond the mark of thought
AYL III.v.79[Rosalind as Ganymede to Phebe, of Silvius] None could be so abused in sight as he
AYL IV.i.198[Rosalind to Celia, of Cupid] that blind rascally boy that abuses everyone's eyes
Cor III.i.58[Cominius to all] The people are abused
Cym I.v.111[Posthumus to Iachimo] You are a great deal abused in too bold a persuasion
Cym III.iv.122[Pisanio to Innogen, of Posthumus] my master is abused
Cym IV.ii.351[Soothsayer to Lucius] Unless my sins abuse my divination
Ham I.v.38[Ghost to Hamlet] So the whole ear of Denmark / Is ... / Rankly abused
Ham II.ii.601[Hamlet alone, of the devil] Abuses me to damn me
KL II.iv.302[Regan to all, of Lear] being apt / To have his ear abused
KL IV.vii.77[Lear to Cordelia or Kent] Do not abuse me
MA V.ii.88[Ursula to Beatrice and Benedick] the Prince and Claudio mightily abused, / and Don John is the author of all
Mac II.i.50[Macbeth alone] wicked dreams abuse / The curtained sleep
Oth II.i.226[Iago to Roderigo, of the features in a man that would attract Desdemona] for want of these required conveniences, her delicate tenderness will find itself abused
Oth III.iii.264[Othello alone, of Desdemona] She's gone: I am abused
Oth III.iii.333[Othello to Iago] 'tis better to be much abused, / Than but to know't a little
Oth IV.ii.138[Emilia to Iago] The Moor's abused by some most villainous knave
Oth IV.iii.59[Desdemona to Emilia] Dost thou in conscience think ... / That there be women do abuse their husbands / In such gross kind?
Tem V.i.112[Alonso to Prospero] Whe'er thou beest he ... / Or some enchanted trifle to abuse me
TN V.i.19[Feste to Orsino] by my friends I am abused