vantage (n.)
right moment, suitable opportunity
2H4 II.iii.68[Northumberland to Lady Northumberland and Lady Percy, of staying in Scotland] Till time and vantage crave my company
3H6 I.iv.59[Northumberland to Clifford] It is war's prize to take all vantages
3H6 III.ii.25[Richard aside to George, of Edward and Lady Grey] he'll take vantages
Cor II.iii.259.1[Brutus to Sicinius, of Coriolanus] observe and answer / The vantage of his anger [i.e. take advantage of the opportunity provided by his anger]
Cor[Third Conspirator to Aufidius, of Coriolanus] at your vantage ... let him feel your sword [i.e. seizing your opportunity]
Cym I.iv.24[Pisanio to Innogen, of when Posthumus will write] With his next vantage
Cym II.iii.44[Queen to Cloten, of Cymbeline] Who lets go by no vantages that may / Prefer you to his daughter
E3 II.ii.65[King Edward alone] my sighs / Shall serve me as the vantage of the wind
KL II.ii.169[disguised Kent alone] Take vantage, heavy eyes, not to behold / This shameful lodging
Luc.249[of Tarquin's thoughts] Urging the worser sense for vantage still
Mac I.ii.31[Captain to King] the Norweyan lord, surveying vantage ... / Began a fresh assault
MM[Friar Peter to Isabella and Mariana] you may have such vantage on the Duke / He shall not pass you
MV III.ii.174[Portia to Bassanio, of her ring] Which when you ... give away, / Let it presage the ruin of your love / And be my vantage to exclaim on you
MW[Fenton to Host, of Caius and Anne] when the doctor spies his vantage ripe, / To pinch her by the hand
R3 III.vii.37[Buckingham to Richard, of his supporters] I took the vantage of those few
Tim II.ii.134[Timon to Flavius] Perchance some single vantages you took / When my indisposition put you back
TS III.ii.143[Tranio to Lucentio, of winning Bianca] we mean to ... watch our vantage in this business