voice (n.) Old form(s): voyce, voyces
support, approval, good word
Cor III.iii.59[Coriolanus to Sicinius, of himself] being passed for consul with full voice
Cym III.v.116[Cloten to Pisanio] thou shouldst neither want my means for thy relief, nor my voice for thy preferment
Ham I.iii.68[Polonius to Laertes] Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice
JC II.i.146[Metellus to all, of Cicero] his silver hairs / Will ... buy men's voices to commend our deeds
MND I.i.54[Theseus to Hermia] in this kind, wanting your father's voice, / The other [Demetrius] must be held the worthier
MW I.iv.151[Fenton to Mistress Quickly] let me have thy voice in my behalf
Oth I.iii.257[Othello to Duke, of Desdemona] Let her have your voice
RJ I.ii.19[Capulet to Paris] My will to her consent is but a part, / And, she agreed, within her scope of choice / Lies my consent and fair according voice
TC V.iii.74[Hector to Priam, of going to fight] give me leave / To take that course by your consent and voice