virtue (n.) Old form(s): Vertue
courage, valour, bravery
1H4 II.iv.115[Falstaff to all] A plague of all cowards! ... Is there no virtue extant?
2H4 I.ii.170[Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice] Virtue is of so little regard in these costermongers' times that true valour is turned bearherd
AC IV.viii.17[Cleopatra to Antony] O infinite virtue
Cor I.i.38[First Citizen to all, of Martius being proud] which he is, even to the altitude of his virtue
Cor III.i.73[Coriolanus to all, of the nobles] Who lack not virtue, no, nor power
KL V.iii.103[Albany to Edmund] Trust to thy single virtue
TNK[Palamon to Arcite, describing his performance in the field] More by virtue; / You are modest

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