very (adj.) Old form(s): verie
true, real, genuine
1H4 V.iv.30[King Henry to Douglas, of himself] So many of his shadows thou hast met, / And not the very King
Cym IV.ii.107.1[Belarius to Arviragus, of Cloten] I am absolute / 'Twas very Cloten
Ham II.ii.49[Polonius to Claudius] I have found / The very cause of Hamlet's lunacy
MA IV.i.184[Benedick to Friar, of the Princes] Two of them have the very bent of honour
MW III.iv.17[Fenton to Anne] 'tis the very riches of thyself / That now I aim at
Oth II.i.227[Iago to Roderigo, of the features in a man that would attract Desdemona] Very nature will instruct her in it
Sonn.74.6[of the line of verse] thou dost review / The very part was consecrate to thee
Tem II.ii.103[Stephano to Trinculo] Thou art very Trinculo indeed!
TG III.ii.41[Proteus to Duke, of slandering Valentine] 'Tis an ill office for a gentleman ... against his very friend