watch (v.) Old form(s): Watcht
keep the watch, keep guard, be on the lookout
1H6 I.iv.16[Master Gunner to Boy, of the overlooking English position] even these three days have I watched / If I could see them
1H6 II.i.7[Sentinel to his colleague] Thus are poor servitors ... / Constrained to watch in darkness
Cor II.iii.126[Coriolanus to three Citizens] For your voices I have fought, / Watched for your voices
Ham I.ii.242.2[Hamlet to Horatio] I will watch tonight
KL II.i.20[Edmund to Edgar] My father watches
Luc.1575[] they that watch see time how slow it creeps [or: stay awake]
MV[Lorenzo to all] When you shall please to play the thieves for wives, / I'll watch as long for you
Oth II.iii.50[Iago alone, of Roderigo] he's to watch
Oth II.iii.55[Iago alone, of three local men] they watch too
TS IV.ii.59[Biondello to Tranio] I have watched so long / That I'm dog-weary