weigh (v.) Old form(s): waigh , Waighes , weigh'd
consider, take into account
AC II.vi.32[Antony to Pompey, of the triumvirs' offer] weigh / What it is worth embraced [i.e. think what you will gain if you accept]
H8 II.iv.197[King Henry to all] I weighed the danger which my realms stood in
H8 V.i.124[Cranmer to King Henry] I with mine enemies / Will triumph o'er my person, which I weigh not, / Being of those virtues vacant
Ham I.iii.17[Laertes to Ophelia, of Hamlet] His greatness weighed, his will is not his own
Ham IV.vii.148[Claudius to Laertes] Weigh what convenience both of time and means / May fit us to our shape
JC II.i.108[Casca to Cinna and Decius, of the sun] Which is a great way growing on the south, / Weighing the youthful season of the year
LLL V.ii.27[Katharine to Rosaline] You weigh me not?
Sonn.108.10[] eternal love in love's fresh case / Weighs not the dust and injury of age
Sonn.120.8[] I a tyrant have no leisure taken / To weigh how once I suffered in your crime [or: sense 3]
WT I.ii.258[Camillo to Leontes, of playing the fool] it was my negligence, / Not weighing well the end
WT III.ii.42[Hermione to Leontes, of life] I prize it / As I weigh grief, which I would spare