will (v.), past form would Old form(s): wil
desire, wish, want
1H6 IV.ii.5[Talbot to the French] thus he would: open your city gates
3H6 I.i.102[York to King] Will you we show our title to the crown?
AW I.i.161[Parolles to Helena, of virginity] Will you anything with it?
AW II.i.70[Lafew to King] you will / My noble grapes
AYL I.ii.242[Rosalind to Celia, of Orlando] I'll ask him what he would
Ham V.ii.241[Laertes to Hamlet] I stand aloof, and will no reconcilement
KJ I.i.1[King John to Chatillon] what would France with us?
KJ I.i.200[Bastard alone] ere answer knows what question would [i.e. wants to convey]
KJ IV.ii.39[Salisbury to King John] all and every part of what we would / Doth make a stand at what your highness will
TC IV.iv.93[Troilus to Cressida] something may be done that we will not
TC IV.v.67[Aeneas to the Greeks, of Ajax and Hector] Will you the knights ... shall be divided / By any voice or order of the field?
TC V.v.28[Nestor to all, of Hector] Dexterity so obeying appetite / That what he will he does
TC V.v.47[Achilles to all] I will none but Hector
Tit V.i.160[Aemilius to Lucius, of Saturninus] Willing you to demand your hostages

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