wanton (adj.)
carefree, light-hearted, frolicsome, playful
1H4 IV.i.103[Vernon to Hotspur, of Prince Hal and his companions] Wanton as youthful goats
1H6 V.i.23[King to Gloucester] fitter is my study and my books / Than wanton dalliance with a paramour
AW V.iii.211[Bertram to King, of Diana] I ... boarded her i'th' wanton way of youth
H8 III.ii.359[Wolsey alone] I have ventured, / Like little wanton boys that swim on bladders
LLL V.ii.756[Berowne to ladies] love is full of unbefitting strains, / All wanton as a child
TNK II.i.150[Palamon to Arcite] You have made me ... almost wanton / With my captivity
TNK II.i.293[Palamon alone, of Emilia, and comparing himself to a tree] I would spread, and fling my wanton arms / In at her window
TNK II.i.69[Palamon to Arcite, of their ability to compete] Even in the wagging of a wanton leg [i.e. with just a few easygoing strides]
TNK IV.ii.15[Emilia alone] wanton Ganymede / Set Jove afire
Ven.777[Adonis to Venus, of her voice] Bewitching like the wanton mermaid's songs
WT I.ii.126[Leontes to Mamillius] How now, you wanton calf!