wink (v.) Old form(s): winck , wink'd , winke
shut one's eyes
2H4 I.iii.33[Lord Bardolph to Archbishop, of Percy] who ... winking leaped into destruction
2H6 II.i.104[Gloucester to Simpcox] Let me see thine eyes; wink now
2H6 II.ii.70[York to Warwick and Salisbury] Wink at the Duke of Suffolk's insolence
CE III.ii.58[Antipholus of Syracuse to Luciana] As good to wink, sweet love, as look on night
H5 II.i.6[Nym to Bardolph] I dare not fight, but I will wink and hold out mine iron
H5 III.vii.139[Orleans to Rambures, of English mastiffs] Foolish curs, that run winking into the mouth of a Russian bear
H5 V.ii.295[King Henry to Burgundy, of maids] Yet they do wink and yield, as love is blind and enforces
Luc.1139[Lucrece as if to the nightingale] I ... against my heart / Will fix a sharp knife to affright mine eye, / Who if it wink shall thereon fall and die
Luc.375[of Tarquin drawing Lucrece's bed curtains] his eyes begun / To wink, being blinded with a greater light
Luc.458[of Lucrece] She dares not look, yet, winking, there appears / Quick-shifting antics, ugly in her eyes
Luc.553[] moody Pluto winks while Orpheus plays
MW V.v.48[Falstaff to himself, of the Fairies] I'll wink and couch; no man their works must eye
Oth IV.ii.76[Othello to Desdemona, of her imagined sin] Heaven stops the nose at it, and the moon winks
R2 IV.i.283[Richard as if to the mirror] Was this the face / That like the sun did make beholders wink?
RJ V.iii.294[Prince to Capulet and Montague] I, for winking at your discords too, / Have lost a brace of kinsmen
Sonn.43.1[] When most I wink then do mine eyes best see
Sonn.56.6[] today thou fill / Thy hungry eyes, even till they wink with fulness
TG I.ii.139[Lucetta to Julia] I see things too, although you judge I wink
TG II.iv.96[Valentine to Thurio] Upon a homely object Love can wink
TG V.ii.14[disguised Julia to herself, of dark men] I had rather wink than look on them
TNK V.iii.18.1[Emilia to Theseus, of the combat] If I were there, I'd wink
Ven.121[Venus to Adonis] Art thou ashamed to kiss? then wink again, / And I will wink; so shall the day seem night
WT III.iii.100[Clown to Shepherd, of the ship and Antigonus] I have not winked since I saw these sights