act (n.)
activity, action, performance
AW I.ii.30[King to Bertram, of Bertram's father] age ... wore us out of act
Cym III.iii.53[Belarius to Guiderius and Arviragus] a sland'rous epitaph / As record of fair act
Cym V.v.265[Cymbeline to Innogen] mak'st thou me a dullard in this act?
Ham I.iii.26[Laertes to Ophelia, of Hamlet] he in his particular act and place / May give his saying deed [Q2; F Sect]
KJ III.i.274[Cardinal Pandulph to King Philip] The better act of purposes mistook / Is to mistake again
MV I.iii.80[Shylock to Antonio] when the work of generation was / Between these woolly breeders in the act [i.e. of sexual intercourse]
MV IV.i.19[Duke to Shylock] thou but lead'st this fashion of thy malice / To the last hour of act
Sonn.152.3[] In act thy bed-vow broke [i.e. the sexual act]
TNK I.ii.69[Palamon to Arcite, of Creon] who only attributes / The faculties of other instruments / To his own nerves and act
WT V.ii.77[First Gentleman to all, of the events in court] The dignity of this act was worth the audience of kings and princes

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