weigh (v.) Old form(s): waigh , weigh'd
balance [as in scales], poise, match
2H4 I.iii.55[Lord Bardolph to Hastings, of their cause] How able such a work to undergo, / To weigh against his opposite
2H4 II.ii.171[Prince Henry to Poins] in everything the purpose must weigh with the folly
H8 I.i.11[Norfolk to Buckingham, of the balance of honour between the Kings of France and England] what four throned ones could have weighed / Such a compounded one
H8 III.ii.259[Surrey to Wolsey, of Buckingham] thee and all thy best parts bound together, / Weighed not a hair of his
LLL V.ii.26[Rosaline to Katharine] I weigh not you [i.e. I do not outweigh you; pun: 27]
Mac IV.iii.90.1[Macduff to Malcolm, of Malcolm's self-confessed vices] All these are portable, / With other graces weighed
R2 III.iv.84[Gardener to Queen Isabel, of King Richard and Bolingbroke] Their fortunes both are weighed
R3 III.i.46[Buckingham to the Cardinal, of seizing York from sanctuary] Weigh it but with the grossness of this age
Tim I.i.150.1[Timon to Old Athenian, of Lucilius and the Athenian's daughter] What you bestow, in him I'll counterpoise, / And make him weigh with her