win (v.) Old form(s): winne , winnes , wonne
gain advantage [over], get the better [of]
2H4 IV.iii.66[Colevile to Prince John, of the other rebel leaders] Had they been ruled by me, / You should have won them dearer than you have
AC II.iv.9.1[Lepidus to Maecenas and Agrippa] My purposes do draw me much about. / You'll win two days upon me
Cym I.ii.52[Posthumus to Innogen] in our trifles / I still win of you
H8 V.i.58[Suffolk to King Henry, of playing primero] I did never win of you before
KJ II.i.569[Bastard alone, of commodity] he that wins of all
MA V.i.82[Antonio to Leonato, of Claudio] Win me and wear me [i.e. let him defeat me and he can do what he likes with me]

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