wanton (adj.)
sexually hot, passionate, sportive
AW III.vii.18[Helena to Widow, of her daughter] The Count ... / Lays down his wanton siege before her beauty
LLL IV.iii.56[Berowne to himself] rhymes are guards on wanton Cupid's hose
MND II.i.129[Titania to Oberon, of the mother of her attendant] we have laughed to see the sails conceive / And grow big-bellied with the wanton wind
Oth II.iii.16[Iago to Cassio, of Othello and Desdemona] He hath not yet made wanton the night with her
TC III.iii.222[Patroclus to Achilles] the weak wanton Cupid / Shall from your neck unloose his amorous fold
TC IV.v.56[Ulysses to Nestor, of Cressida] her wanton spirits look out / At every joint and motive of her body
TC prologue.10[Prologue] The ravished Helen ... / With wanton Paris sleeps
TN III.i.19[Feste to Viola as Cesario, of his sister] her name's a word, and to dally with that word might make my sister wanton

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