want (v.) Old form(s): want'st
require, demand, need
1H6 I.ii.27[Reignier to all, of the English lords] like lions wanting food, / Do rush upon us as their hungry prey
1H6 III.ii.41[Pucelle to the English] Good morrow, gallants, want ye corn for bread?
2H6 III.i.236[Cardinal to all, of Gloucester] we want a colour for his death
CE III.i.77[Dromio of Syracuse to Dromio of Ephesus] It seems thou wantest breaking
CE IV.i.4[Second Merchant to Angelo] I am bound / To Persia, and want guilders for my voyage
H5 V.ii.50[Burgundy to all] The freckled cowslip, burnet, and green clover, / Wanting the scythe
H8 V.iii.161[King Henry to Cranmer, of the baby] a fair young maid that yet wants baptism
KL IV.i.18[blind Gloucester to Old Man] I have no way and therefore want no eyes
LLL V.ii.866[King to Berowne, of their waiting time] it wants a twelvemonth and a day
Mac III.iv.142[Macbeth to Lady Macbeth] My strange and self-abuse / Is the initiate fear that wants hard use
MM IV.ii.143[disguised Duke to Provost, of Barnardine] He wants advice
MM IV.iii.103.1[disguised Duke to Provost] I would commune with you of such things / That want no ear but yours
MND I.ii.98[Quince to all] I will draw a bill of properties such as our play wants
Per I.iv.11[Cleon to Dionyza] Who wanteth food and will not say he wants it [second instance]
Per II.iii.100[Simonides to Pericles, of Thaisa] here's a lady that wants breathing too
R3 II.i.43[King Edward to all] There wanteth now our brother Gloucester here
R3 III.iv.5[Derby to Buckingham, of the coronation date] It ... wants but nomination
Sonn.24.13[] eyes this cunning want to grace their art
TG I.iii.74[Antonio to Proteus] Look what thou wantest shall be sent after thee
Tim IV.iii.68[Timon to Alcibiades, of how he came by his changed state] As the moon does, by wanting light to give
TNK II.iv.56[Emilia to disguised Arcite] what / You want at any time, let me but know it
WT I.ii.128[Leontes to Mamillius] Thou want'st a rough pash and the shoots that I have / To be full like me
WT III.ii.54[Leontes to Hermione] I ne'er heard yet / That any of these bolder vices wanted / less impudence to gainsay what they did / Than to perform it first