zounds (int.)
God's wounds
1H4 I.ii.100[Falstaff to Prince Hal, of taking a purse] Zounds, where thou wilt lad
1H4 I.iii.129[Hotspur to all, of Mortimer] Zounds, I will speak of him
1H4 II.i.80[Gadshill to Chamberlain] zounds, I lie
1H4 II.ii.63[Falstaff to al] Zounds, will they not rob us?
1H4 II.iii.23[Hotspur to himself, of a letter-writer] Zounds, an I were now by this rascal
1H4 II.iv.139[Poins to Falstaff] Zounds, ye fat paunch
1H4 II.iv.232[Falstaff to all] Zounds, an I were at the strappado
1H4 IV.i.17[Hotspur to all, of his father] Zounds, how has he the leisure to be sick
1H4 V.iv.120[Falstaff to himself] Zounds, I am afraid of this gunpowder Percy
1H4 V.iv.151[Falstaff to all] If the man were alive, and would deny it, zounds, I would make him eat a piece of my sword
KJ II.i.466[Bastard to himself] Zounds! I was never so bethumped with words
Oth I.i.109[Iago to Brabantio] Zounds, sir, you are one of those that will not serve God if the devil bid you.
Oth II.iii.140[Cassio to Roderigo] Zounds, you rogue, you rascal!
Oth III.iv.95[Othello to Desdemona] Zounds!
Oth IV.i.36[Othello to Iago, of Desdemona] Lie with her! Zounds, that's fulsome!
Oth V.ii.217.1[Iago to Emilia] Zounds, hold your peace!
R3 I.iv.126[Second Murderer to First Murderer, of Clarence] Zounds, he dies!
R3 I.iv.147[First Murderer to Second Murderer, of conscience] Zounds, 'tis even now at my elbow
R3 III.vii.218[Buckingham to the citizens] Zounds! I'll entreat no more
R3 V.iii.209[King Richard to Ratcliffe] Zounds, who is there?
RJ III.i.100[Mercutio to Romeo] Zounds, a dog, a rat, a mouse, a cat, to scratch a man to death!
RJ III.i.48[Mercutio to Benvolio] Zounds, consort!
Tit IV.ii.71[Aaron to Nurse, of his baby] Zounds, ye whore, is black so base a hue?

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