device (n.) Old form(s): Deuice, deuices , deuise, deuises
plot, stratagem, trick
3H6 III.iii.141[Queen to Warwick, of Edward's marriage] It was thy device / By this alliance to make void my suit
AYL I.i.141[Oliver to Charles, of Orlando] he will ... entrap thee by some treacherous device
CE I.ii.95[Antipholus of Syracuse alone, of Dromio of Ephesus] by some device or other / The villain is o'er-raught of all my money
H8 I.i.204.1[Buckingham to Norfolk] I shall perish / Under device and practice
H8 III.ii.217[Wolsey alone, of King Henry's reading his letter] No new device to beat this from his brains?
MM IV.iv.11[Escalus to Angelo] to deliver us from devices hereafter [i.e. false accusations]
MW IV.iv.39.2[Mistress Ford to all] this is our device
MW[Host to Fenton] husband your device
Oth II.iii.377[Iago alone] Dull not device by coldness and delay
TC I.iii.375[Ulysses to Nestor] by device let blockish Ajax draw / The sort to fight with Hector
Tit I.i.398[Titus to Marcus, of Tamora's advancement] Whether by device or no, the heavens can tell
Tit IV.iv.112[Tamora to Saturninus] bury all thy fear in my devices
Tit IV.iv.52[Saturninus to all, of the letter] I know from whence this same device proceeds
Tit V.ii.120[disguised Tamora to Titus] What says Andronicus to this device?
Tit V.ii.143[Titus to himself, of Tamora, Chiron, and Demetrius] I ... will o'erreach them in their own devices
TN II.iii.155[Sir Toby to Maria] I smell a device
TN III.iv.129[Sir Toby to Fabian, of Malvolio] His very genius hath taken the infection of the device
TN III.iv.130[Maria to Sir Toby and Fabian, of Malvolio] pursue him now, lest the device take air, and taint
TN III.iv.139[Sir Toby to Maria] we will bring the device to the bar
TN V.i.358[Fabian to Olivia] myself and Toby / Set this device against Malvolio here
TS I.ii.133[Hortensio to Petruchio, of putting himself forward to Bianca as a schoolmaster] so I may by this device at least / Have leave and leisure to make love to her

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