distracted (adj.)
perplexed, confused, agitated
CE V.i.39[Adriana to Abbess, in response to the Abbess' question 'wherefore throng you hither?'] To fetch my poor distracted husband hence
Ham I.v.97[Hamlet alone, as if to the Ghost] Remember thee? Ay, thou poor ghost, whiles memory holds a seat / In this distracted globe
Ham III.i.5[Rosencrantz to Claudius, of Hamlet] He does confess he feels himself distracted
Mac II.iii.101[Lennox to Malcolm, of the King's attendants] they stared and were distracted
MM IV.iv.2[Angelo to Escalus, of the Duke's letters] In most uneven and distracted manner
TC V.ii.192[Troilus to Ulysses] Accept distracted thanks
Tem V.i.12[Ariel to Prospero] The King, / His brother, and yours, abide all three distracted
Tim III.iv.114[Flavius to Timon] You only speak from your distracted soul
Tim IV.iii.247[Apemantus to Timon] Best state, contentless, / Hath a distracted and most wretched being