doom (n.) Old form(s): dombe, dome, doombe, doome, doomes
judgement, sentence, decision
1H4 III.ii.6[King Henry to Prince Hal, of God] in his secret doom out of my blood / He'll breed revengement
1H6 IV.i.45[King to Falstaff] Stain to thy countrymen, thou hearest thy doom
2H6 I.iii.202[Gloucester to King, of how to handle the accusations of treachery] This doom, my lord, if I may judge
2H6 I.iii.208[Gloucester to King, of his advice] This is the law, and this Duke Humphrey's doom
2H6 III.i.281[York to all] It skills not greatly who impugns our doom
2H6 IV.ix.12[Clifford to King, of the rebels] Expect your highness' doom of life or death
3H6[Richard to Edward, of treating the dead man with honour] Revoke that doom of mercy
3H6 III.iii.101[Oxford to Warwick, of Edward] Call him my king by whose injurious doom / My elder brother ... / Was done to death?
AYL I.iii.81[Duke Frederick to Celia] Firm and irrevocable is my doom
CE I.i.2[Egeon to Duke] by the doom of death end woes and all
Luc.1849[of the lords and Brutus swearing revenge] When they had sworn to this advised doom, / They did conclude to bear dead Lucrece thence
Luc.717[of Tarquin] now against himself he sounds this doom / That through the length of times he stands disgraced
MM II.ii.12.1[Provost to Angelo] I have seen / When, after execution, judgement hath / Repented o'er his doom
Per Chorus.III.32[Gower alone, of Helicanus and the lords of Tyre] He, obedient to their dooms, / Will take the crown
Per V.ii.20[Gower alone, of the audience following the story] Is by your fancies' thankful doom
R2 I.iii.148[King Richard to Mowbray] for thee remains a heavier doom
R2[Percy to King Henry] here is Carlisle living, to abide / Thy kingly doom ... [King Henry] Carlisle, this is your doom
RJ III.iii.4[Romeo to Friar] What is the Prince's doom?
Sonn.145.7[] Chiding that tongue that ever sweet / Was used in giving gentle doom
TG III.i.222[Proteus to Valentine, of Silvia] she hath offered to the doom ... / A sea of melting pearl
TG IV.i.31[Valentine to Outlaws, of his banishment] I ... held me glad of such a doom
Tit III.i.24[Titus to Tribunes and Senators] reverse the doom of death
Tit III.i.51[Lucius to Titus, of rescuing his brothers] For which attempt the judges have pronounced / My everlasting doom of banishment
Tit V.iii.181[Lucius to all, of Aaron] If anyone relieves or pities him, / For the offence he dies. / This is our doom