doubt (v.)
fear, be afraid [for], feel anxious [for]
1H4 I.ii.179[Prince Hal to Poins, of their companions] I doubt they will be too hard for us
2H4 epilogue.6[Epilogue] what indeed I should say will, I doubt, prove mine own marring
3H6 IV.iii.19[Third Watchman to all, of Edward] If Warwick knew in what estate he stands, / 'Tis to be doubted he would waken him
Cor III.i.152[Coriolanus to all] You ... / That love the fundamental part of state / More than you doubt the change on't [or: question the need for it]
Cym I.vii.95[Innogen to Iachimo] Since doubting things go ill often hurts more / Than to be sure they do
H8 I.ii.158[Surveyor to King Henry, of Buckingham] he doubted / 'Twould prove the verity of certain words / Spoke by a holy monk
Ham III.i.167[Claudius to Polonius] And I do doubt the hatch and the disclose / Will be some danger
KJ IV.ii.102[Pembroke to King John, of Arthur's death] this will break out / To all our sorrows, and ere long, I doubt
KJ[Bastard to Hubert, of King John] I doubt he will be dead or ere I come
KL V.i.6.1[Edmund to Regan, of Oswald's possible death] 'Tis to be doubted
MA V.i.117[Don Pedro to Claudio, of fighting Antonio and Leonato] I doubt we should have been too young for them
Mac IV.ii.67[Messenger to Macduff's wife] I doubt some danger does approach you nearly
Oth III.iii.19[Desdemona to Cassio, of his fears that Othello will forget him] Do not doubt that
Per I.iii.21[Helicanus to Lords, of Pericles] doubting lest he had erred or sinned
R3 III.v.94[Buckingham to Richard] Doubt not ... I'll play the orator [F; Q Feare]
Sonn.115.12[] Crowning the present, doubting of the rest
TC I.ii.276[Pandarus to Cressida, of Troilus] I doubt he be hurt
Tem II.i.247[Antonio to Sebastian, of the latter's hopes] even / Ambition cannot pierce a wink beyond, / But doubt discovery there [i.e. without fear of discovery]
Tim I.ii.151[Apemantus to all] the worst is filthy, and would not hold taking, I doubt me