dram (n.) Old form(s): Dramme
tiny amount, small quantity
2H4 I.ii.131[Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice] the wise may make some dram of a scruple
AW II.iii.219[Lafew to Parolles, of Parolles deserving his insult] every dram of it, and I will not bate thee a scruple
Cym I.v.132[Iachimo to Posthumus] If you buy ladies' flesh at a million a dram
Cym III.v.90.1[Cloten to Pisanio, of Posthumus] From whose so many weights of baseness cannot / A dram of worth be drawn
Ham I.iv.36[Hamlet to Horatio] The dram of evil / Doth all the noble substance of a doubt, / To his own scandal [apparently unfinished sentence]
MV IV.i.6.1[Duke to Antonio, of Shylock] an inhuman wretch ... empty / From any dram of mercy
RJ V.i.60[Romeo to Apothecary] Let me have / A dram of poison
Tim V.i.149[Second Senator to Timon, of the state recompense] more fruitful / Than their offence can weigh down by the dram [i.e. even if measured to the tiniest amount]
TN III.iv.79[Malvolio alone] no dram of a scruple ... can come between me and the full prospect of my hopes
WT II.i.138[Antigonus to Leontes, of Hermione] every dram of woman's flesh is false, / If she be
WT IV.iv.782[Autolycus to Clown, of the Shepherd] He has a son: who shall ... stand till he be three-quarters and a dram dead