dread (adj.)
revered, deeply honoured, held in awe
2H6 III.ii.154[Warwick to King, of Christ] my soul intends to live / With that dread King that took our state upon Him
2H6 III.ii.243[Salisbury to King] Dread lord, the commons send you word by me
2H6 V.i.17[Buckingham to York] A messenger from Henry, our dread liege
3H6 III.ii.32[Lady Grey to Edward, of her request] Be pitiful, dread lord, and grant it
AC III.iii.8.1[Messenger to Cleopatra] Ay, dread queen
E3 II.i.218[Countess to King Edward] my thrice dread sovereign
H5 I.ii.103[Canterbury to King Henry] Go, my dread lord, to your great-grandsire's tomb
H5 I.ii.97[Canterbury to King Henry] The sin upon my head, dread sovereign!
H8 V.i.121.2[Cranmer to King Henry] Most dread liege, / The good I stand on is my truth and honesty
H8 V.iii.114[Gardiner to King Henry] Dread sovereign, how much are we bound to heaven / In daily thanks, that gave us such a prince
Ham I.ii.50.2[Laertes to Claudius] My dread lord
Ham II.ii.28[Rosencrantz to Claudius and Gertude] your dread pleasures
Ham III.iv.109[Hamlet to Ghost] Th'important acting of your dread command
KL IV.vi.57[disguised Edgar to Gloucester, of Gloucester's imagined fall] From the dread summit of this chalky bourn [i.e. at the edge of England]
LLL III.i.181[Berowne alone, of Cupid] Dread prince of plackets
MM V.i.363.2[Angelo to Duke] O my dread lord
Per I.ii.52[Helicanus to Pericles] An angry brow, dread lord
R3 III.i.97[York to Prince Edward] my dread lord - so must I call you now
TC II.ii.10[Hector to Priam] dread Priam
TC II.ii.27[Troilus to Hector, of Priam] a king / So great as our dread father
Tit V.ii.82[Titus to disguised Tamora] Welcome, dread Fury, to my woeful house
Tit V.iii.26[Titus to Tamora] welcome dread Queen
WT I.ii.322[Camillo to Leontes, of Hermione] I cannot / Believe this crack to be in my dread mistress

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